15th November 2013

Yet another excellent review rolls in for The Road Ahead - Ragazzi (Germany)

Schönes, weiches Werk. Perfekt im Herbst

15th November 2013

John Shelton Ivany (USA) shares his thoughts on The Road Ahead

". ..his guitar keeps getting more precise and powerful. and his team is the strongest it's ever been."

15th November 2013

John Shelton Ivany (JSI Top 21) shares his thoughts on The Road Ahead

...his guitar keeps getting more precise and powerful.

8th November 2013

Jazz Weekly gives 'The Road Ahead' a Great Review!

Another great review, including a mention of the Sephardic influences on "The Road Ahead"

1st November 2013

Euro Radio and O's Place Jazz Magazine also love The Road Ahead

Guitarist and composer Albare leads his quartet on a rather strong session ....

16th October 2013

A Really Lovely Review of 'The Road Ahead' by JazzTimes (USA)

'Albare's music recalls that of the Bulgarian guitarist Hristo Vitchev, who has coined the term "heartmony," which he defines as "the s...

15th October 2013

Truly Fantastic Review by Improvijazzation Nation (USA)

'...MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 5.00… top score, ergo the “PICK” of this issue for “b...

12th October 2013

All About Jazz (USA) gives 'The Road Ahead' a Great Review!

'Indeed, Albare crafts a signature stylization, largely within serene environs and harmonically attractive pieces, interspersed with a ...

30th September 2013

Spiegel (Germany) are impressed by 'The Road Ahead'

Die Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten der elektrischen Gitarre und des Gitarrensynthesizers nutzt der Australier Albare: wenn er im Eingangsst...

30th September 2013

Albare 'The Road Ahead' Australian Album Launch - Sydney and Melbourne Shows!

“THE ROAD AHEAD” ALBUM LAUNCH One show only in Melbourne and Sydney – Thur, Nov 7 @ Bennetts Lane Jazz Club (MELB) – ...

17th September 2013

Albare chats with Von Franz X.A. Zipperer from JazzTheTik (Germany)

Das gesamt Album The Road Ahead lebt vom kreativen Austausch zwischen allen Musikern des Quartetts. In das Anfangsthema hat Albare zude...

12th September 2013

Medien (Germany) also likes 'The Road Ahead' - Review

The Road Ahead, das neueste Album von Albare, öffnet die Herzen und den Geist der Hörer durch die Originalität der Musik und durch s...

11th September 2013

Albare features in Kulturnews (Germany)

Alle Musiker, die mit ihm unterwegs sind, haben ähnliche schillernde biogeografische Hintergründe. Mit ihnen erschafft Albare eine gl...

10th September 2013

Glowing Review by Soul Train (Germany) - The Road Ahead

“The Road Ahead” verbindet virtuos, scheinbar spielerisch aber vor allen Dingen sehr souverän zeitgenössischen Jazz

5th September 2013

Synthesis Review - The Road Ahead album

"... some absolutely terrific guitar work by Albare, who is touted in the promotional copy as being Australia’s “most active jazz g...

3rd September 2013

Albare likes the ABC!

ABC Music is pleased to announce the signing of ALBARE to the label for Australia and New Zealand.

2nd September 2013

Blogcritics Review - The Road Ahead

The Road Ahead is a road worth traveling, especially with the likes of Albare and the quartet ...

22nd August 2013

FAME Review - The Road Ahead

The Road Ahead by Aussie guitarist Albare once again travels to high ground.

5th August 2013

Tribune Review - The Road Ahead

Music by the group led by Albare Dadon is quite a bit more exciting than the work of fellow guitarist Earl Klugh

27th July 2013

Midwest Record review

" really is like Wes Montgomery riding the space shuttle that’ll take us to Mars."

25th July 2013

Four star review by Brent Black on NotJustJazz!

4 Stars. A solid recording on virtually any level you could imagine.

16th July 2013

The Virginian-Pilot reviews The Road Ahead

“The Road Ahead” veers from the thinking-man’s jazz of 2011’s “Long Way” release toward a more sophisticated and “live”...

13th June 2013

New Orleans music "Hot Picks" for Sunday, June 16.

An Australian jazz guitarist passes through New Orleans on June 16, 2013.

2nd April 2013

Local jazz legend Albare heads under the sails for a special show (Time Out Sydney)

"And he's one of the best in the world. So... this is one jazz fans won't want to miss."

1st April 2013

The Albare Interview (The Blurb, Australia)

"The forthcoming album is very much about the guitar. The guitar is the central element, I can tell you that much."

29th March 2013

Albare interviewed for Dominion Post by Graham Reid

"His music is highly melodic (“if there is no sense of melody there is no point”) and has invited comparisons with Wes Montgomery a...

28th March 2013

Geelong Advertiser

"... Albare is set to bring his melodic tunes and enticing rhythms to Geelong with a performance on April 13 at GPAC." (Geelong Adverti...

27th March 2013

New Zealand Herald

Albare, is a jazz guitarist whose star has been quietly ascending for the past five years and now he's on the credible American label E...

18th March 2013

Forte magazine (Victoria, Australia)

For jazz aficionados, you’re going to want to check this one out.

16th March 2013

Albare's passion to jazz us up (Geelong Advertiser)

World famous jazz musician Albare is coming to GPAC.

11th March 2013

The AU Review interview with Albare

"When I ask him what his year looks like, he lists more countries than a Lonely Planet Guide."

8th March 2013


“And Albare? He sounds like a positive blend of the late Wes Montgomery and an early George Benson. Airy and light melodic improvisat...

22nd September 2012

Critical Jazz review for Long Way

An all star sextet with one of the most impressive guitar releases for the year. A most unique personal hybrid of global textures combi...

5th June 2012

Meeting of Minds - Michael Smith for Drum Media

Michael Smith meets Albare and Evri Evripidou to discover the roots of 'Long Way': Guitarist and composer Albert Dadon (aka Albare) has...

4th June 2012

Borderless Journey - Pete Best explores 'Long Way' for the Herald Sun

Pete Best explores the journey of Albare iTD album 'Long Way' for the Herald Sun: When Australian jazz guitarist and composer Albare ta...

3rd June 2012

Albare - Building on Rhapsody - Nui Te Koha writes for the Herald Sun

Veteran jazz guitarist Albert Dadon is still discovering his inner child, writes Nui Te Koha: Albert Dadon is a property developer and ...

22nd May 2012 reviews Albare iTD 'Long Way'

Martin Jackson reviews Albare iTD 'Long Way' on The Acid Jazz guitarist Albare dropped out of public sight over several ...

22nd May 2012

Jan Wisniewski reviews Long Way - The

Jan Wisniewski delives a glowing review of Albare iTD album 'Long Way' on The A truly international cast of characters we...

20th May 2012

Sunday Herald Sun reviews Albare iTD 'Long Way'

Tianna Nadalin reviews Albare iTD 'Long Way' for the Sunday Herald Sun: Making his debut on Germany’s Enja Records, Albare’s latest...

10th May 2012

LANGUAGE OF JAZZ - Nina Bertok for The Melbourne Review

LANGUAGE OF JAZZ Jazz is an international language, and if ever there was proof of that, it’s in Albare’s latest album Long Way.

24th February 2011

A glowing review for Travel Diary on Jazz Corner!

As Albare's national tour has kicked off, with two great shows in Queensland, a return to Sydney's The Basement tonight, and two shows ...